Mid-Valley Hospital Celebrates National Doctor’s Day, March 30, 2016

docday IMG_0814

Mid-Valley Hospital staff sponsored a “bring your favorite snack” campaign in celebration of National Doctor’s Day.  The tables were loaded with fine treats, and people stopped by all day to enjoy the delicacies, as they wished doctor present all the best in their work here in Omak.

Twenty doctors are on active staff at the hospital, and include Emergency, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, General Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons and Obstetrical Surgeons.  Additionally, the hospital is served by many consulting radiologists and ophthalmologists.  The service area for all specialties extends into five counties.  Most county boundaries are connected the greater Okanogan Valley in some way or another.  While most active staff live locally, some travel to other locals offering fine services to other residents living in North Central Washington.

Mid-Valley Hospital staff salutes the fine Medical Staff serving patients here, and also wishes to thank everyone for their fine support through the years.  It has been,  and is an honor to serve such wonderful people who live and work here.