At Mid-Valley Hospital’s Birthing Center, our focus is entirely on you, Mom. Your special needs and your individual style guide a safe and pleasant birthing experience for parents and newborns. Your birthing experience here has been designed to promote family togetherness in a secure environment.

Our birthing suites are much larger than traditional hospital rooms and feature a private bathroom and shower, a rocking chair, television, telephone, radio, and other amenities. Our facilities and medical team are prepared and equipped for any situation during the birthing process. If you need a Cesarean section, an operating suite is located close by for immediate use. Our promise is to make your delivery day as smooth and comfortable as possible.

  • Individualized labor support based on your personal birth preferences.
  • Private rooms offer a home-like atmosphere to make your hospital stay enjoyable.
  • You may keep your baby with you at all times.
  • Nurses are available to help with breastfeeding.
  • Lactation consultants are available to work with you and your baby for successful breastfeeding by appointments or Doctor's orders.
  • Newborn hearing screens prior to discharge.
  • A free meal as a “congratulations” to Dad or significant other is available. (A gift basket is available if you are not hungry while in the Hospital.)
  • Infants and moms are banded with identical bands at birth.
  • Immediate post-delivery skin-to-skin contact as newborn/mother’s health allows.

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 Acute Care/ OB Manager
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