Stephen C. White, MD

Dr. White is bringing to Omak Over twenty years of orthopedic experience. He DrWhite_6848attended medical school at the University of Utah, and Residency at University of Kansas. After five years in Kansas, he has spent the last 17 years in Texas and Oklahoma. He is board certified and recently board re-certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery.  His experience has been in small mid-western towns.  He loves the small town setting where he feels that he can personally care for people with whom he lives and works. He is excited to bring his wealth of experience to a small town that can appreciate having quality services that don’t require people to travel long distances. He practices general orthopedics with extensive experience with joint replacement, trauma and sports medicine.

He has built a center of excellence in joint replacement and will be bringing that experience to Omak to develop a center of excellence in joint replacement here.

He has also led the development of orthopedic trauma that has allowed his communities to receive excellent care for their emergencies close to home. He was on the trauma service committee for the last seven years representing orthopedics. During this period, the hospital exceeded the orthopedic trauma requirements and the hospital is awaiting its level 2 trauma designation.

Dr. White is dedicated to the latest advances in orthopedic surgery with frequent special training courses in joint replacement, joint revision, trauma, and sports. He has participated as a master surgeon to teach other surgeons various techniques.

In the 1990s, Dr. White was one of the first surgeons in the country to develop expertise in internal fixation of wrist fractures long before it became common practice. Dr. White was one of the first surgeons in the country to treat complicated fractures with a minimally invasive needle balloon that can reduce and graft fractures without a surgical incision. This has helped reduce the wound complications that can complicate already difficult fractures such as tibial plateau fractures (fractures that break into the knee joint), calcaneal fractures (heel bone), wrist and pilon (fractures into the ankle joint).

He has specialty training in other minimally invasive techniques including arthroscopic assisted reductions (using a small camera inside of a joint to recreate the joint with more precision), percutaneous fixation and intramedullary fixation of fractures (reducing and stabilizing bones with x-ray, instruments and small incisions).

He has also studied techniques to accelerate the recovery after joint replacement including smaller incisions with less muscle injury for hip and knee replacements (including anterior hip replacement) and reverse shoulder replacement that provides accelerated recovery and increase stability in shoulder replacements where the rotator cuff is not functioning.

Other common procedures with which he has many years of experience are arthroscopic ACL and meniscal surgery (knee), arthroscopic shoulder surgery (including the rotator cuff and stabilizing ligaments), and endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery.

Even with his extensive surgical experience, Dr. White still treats most conditions without surgery. He enjoys educating patients and involving patients in their plan for treatment. Patient choice is very important to him and he feels that treatment should be individualized for everyone he sees.

There are many changes occurring in medicine right now and Dr. White is involved in finding better ways to treat problems with less painful and more rapid recoveries, cost reduction (to our medical system and to his patients), shorter hospital stays, less complications such as a decrease in the number of infections and amount of blood loss.

Dr. White incorporates a holistic approach with mind, body and spirit. Scientific studies are showing the connections between stress, depression and disease and aging. Studies are explaining how prayer, optimism, connections with other people, compassion and mindfulness can all help improve outcomes and quality of life.

Dr. White is excited to bring his experience and skill to Mid-Valley Hospital. Along with his wife and young daughter, they have already found plenty to do. This includes many new activities for these Texan transplants such as skiing and snowshoeing. They have joined North Cascades Athletic Club where they have been introduced to cross fit, tennis and wallyball (volley ball played within a racquetball court- it is a great work out while having a lot of fun). They have met some incredible people in our community. He wants to express his gratitude to all those who have already welcomed him and his family into our town and have had them over for pizza, out to ski, over for the super bowl, or even game nights. They are very excited to call this home.