From the Desk of the CEO

One way to become a part of the developing “Social Media” scene is to have a BLOG. I do not know all about blogs by any means, but am told that one should write a short report telling something interesting to the readers, so I will do that regarding operations at Mid-Valley Hospital.

First and foremost, thank you to all the district voters who said “yes” let’s build a new Emergency Department, a few years ago. It has been a great hit for us and the community. It will remain in service for many years, and provide an excellent setting in which people suffering with a need of some sort of emergency medical care will be attended to. The community approved a top-notch facility, and the Hospital Board expects that high quality medical care be delivered there 24/7.

Emergent business has more than doubled since I arrived here more than 15 years ago, and many signs in the industry point to continued higher utilization than in the past. This is due to lack of funding sources for some citizens, more people getting older and sicker, (related to Baby Boomer demographics), and the increased participation by society in more extreme sports. Mid Valley Hospital has chosen to maintain staffing the department all hours of the day with at least one doctor and one nurse. Additional staff is often scheduled to accommodate times that are historically known to have higher volumes than normal.

I am grateful to have been allowed to be a part of this excellent activity supported by a community who keeps the long-term future in mind regarding their health needs. It is a privilege to serve here in Omak.

Mike Billing, CEO