From the Desk of the CEO

Value of a service or product is established long after the purchase transaction in many cases. This is sometimes the case with health care services. There are many emergent services which have a shorter value determination window. Something like a surgical procedure for appendicitis may be one of these. Longer term, one may reflect that since the condition did not terminate life, and all is pretty much back to normal, that there was great value in having the surgery.

Managing chronic conditions is more difficult. In a hospital much work is done to address acute flare-ups of many conditions, and often there is no curative solution available; hence the chronic condition label. At Mid-Valley Hospital, staff members are engaged in the process of improving a person’s acute and chronic conditions. It is all a hope a desire that each one receiving care here, consider the results to be valuable for a healthy life style. We remain being dedicated, caring and professional staff.

Mike Billing, CEO