From the Desk of the CEO

An ever changing landscape describes healthcare services in America. Scientific discovery in both medicine and electronic data transmission give rise to a significant amount of change needing to be harnessed to make the best diagnoses for patients. Rapid discovery in technology causes changes the way and number of treatments which are available to health care givers at many levels. One more factor that needs to be added is that there is an ever growing aged population demanding more services than ever. When one multiplies increased number of patients, times an increased number of available health treatments there ends up being a virtual insatiable demand for care.

At Mid-Valley Hospital we have addressed the demand by expanding our Emergency Services area. There has been over $10 million spent in the last fifteen years in new technology for areas such as X-Ray, Lab, Operating Rooms and dozens of other places to a lesser extent. Staff is equipped and trained to provide excellent service for patient needs at all times of the day or night. Each worker is excited when their recent training to operate new technology turns into a perfect diagnosis for the patient. Physicians then prescribe the necessary treatments and medications to have our patients back home just as soon as possible. As future landscapes continue to change, we can all be assured that the team at Mid-Valley Hospital will be effective in rendering care needed that allows a person to resume their normal life.

Mike Billing, CEO