From the Desk of the CEO

An important person is coming to town on the 8th and 9th of May. His name is Dr. Robert Sutton, PhD, and is Chief Officer of Academics at Pacific Northwest University (PNWU) located in Yakima, WA. So why is he so important to Omak? Dr. Sutton helps to set up medical rotations for medical students and residents who attend PNWU, which is a College of Osteopathic Medicine. He can and does help young folks who are training to be come part of the next Family Physician population to serve rural Washington.

We are so excited here in Omak to entertain the idea of more medical students and residents working here and in neighboring towns. Research clearly shows a higher affinity of final employment for these students in towns in which they have trained. The program selects students who are motivated to work in rural areas, and most are from rural America to begin with. We hope this visit will turn into a fantastic rural physician practice group to serve us all for years to come! Three cheers for Dr. Sutton!

Mike Billing, CEO