Disaster Drill Proves Successful!!


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Omak, WA, 10/1/2018 – A Mass Casualty drill was performed on Friday, September 28th in Omak. The drill was staged by Mid-Valley Hospital and Omak Fire Department and was a rollover bus scenario on an icy road. There were 18 students from the Omak High School Drama department involved to play the role of the injured. Mid-Valley Clinic, Confluence Health, Family Health Centers, Lifeline, Omak Police Department, Okanogan County Dispatch and Okanogan Emergency Management, along with several “observers” were also involved in the drill.

“It was exciting to see all of the organizations come together and perform so well. The teamwork between the entities spoke volumes to the efficiencies in providing emergency response to a mass casualty event for our community.” – Alan Fisher, Mid-Valley Hospital CEO.

The goal of the exercise was focused on response plans for an actual crisis, which could trigger a sudden flood of patients who are injured or suffering from an unexpected disaster. Mid-Valley Hospital immediately activated Incident Command and called in Omak School District’s Communication Officer, Sheila Corson, to collaborate and set up a Joint Information Center to optimize communication efforts.

After the drill, a representative from each organization met to go over all of the details, areas of improvements and strengths of each part of the drill in a“hot wash”. Everyone involved learned of different barriers that each other faces in the field and how we can better work together to help one another.

“I was thrilled. I thought I identified some of our weaknesses and played on some of our strengths and I thought it was a win.” – Tom Summerson, Family Health Center’s Safety Officer.

Hospitals are required by the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), to have disaster response plans in place and to conduct disaster drills periodically for improvement and training purposes.

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