Construction Project Updates

We strive to have the most up-to-date facilities and equipment as possible to better serve our community’s health needs. While we would love more than anything to upgrade our entire facility we must follow strict guidelines and budgeting. With thanks to our community’s support we are able to complete projects one at a time. This page will provide updates on projects as they come up.

April 2017 saw the start of what we call the “Apollo Project”. Apollo Solutions is diligently working on replacing air handling equipment throughout the hospital building. The project is part of what may come to be a 7-9 year process with phases that, overtime, will bring our electrical services in line with current codes, more efficient heating and cooling, improve lighting, and upgrade water and sewer lines throughout. This first big step will cost around $2.6 million and will be the most interruptive to our business as our Surgery Department, a key area of business at MVH, is currently sharing space with Acute Care and our former ICU area. While the Surgery and PACU areas are limited our Surgery Manager has stated he has not seen a tremendous impact and has made several adjustments for this interim period to ensure high quality care for our patients. As an integral piece to our business the project was started in the Surgery Department and because much of the hospital’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units are 52 years old. While the HVAC units function, they are often the reason for costly labor to be spent keeping them running as best as possible.

In the basement power room, old conduits were removed and new panels installed. Beginning the week of May 9th concrete floors will be cut and new conduits and power circuits will be properly placed to meet new code requirements. Each step of this phase of the project is being well orchestrated to ensure safety of our patients and staff.

Our kitchen area will receive a new freezer and refrigerator unit along with new HVAC units. The HVAC units will be mounted on the rooftop which will replace the old units that drip condensation all summer and will also be aesthetically pleasing as we will no longer have to look at them. Work in the kitchen will begin on or about July 11th with an estimated down time of 30 days. The entire kitchen will be shut down during this time. Alternative arrangements are being explored in order to continue meal service to our patients.

With the beginning of the new year we are happy to report Phase II recently completed and we have moved into the final phase of our project. HVAC, lighting and flooring upgrades in operation rooms #2, #3, PACU and the surrounding areas are complete and functioning. Currently we are working on Phase III which entails operation room #1 (commonly referred to as OR 1) and the staff locker rooms. Demolition of the old existing ductwork, ceiling, and roof top air handling unit is complete. New ductwork is being installed after which new ceilings and a laminar diffuser in OR 1 will be completed. New flooring will be installed in OR 1 in late February.  The new essential electrical system is 99% complete and the final testing and balancing of the new system will be in early March with the final turnover to the hospital shortly thereafter.