It is the policy of Mid-Valley Hospital to provide for access to public records as required in RCW 42.56 and any other applicable provisions of federal or state law.

Public Records Request

Requests for access to public records may be delivered by mail, telephone or personal delivery. Mailed requests shall be addressed to “Public Records, Mid-Valley Hospital, P.O. Box 793, Omak, WA 98841. Telephone requests shall be directed to the Public Records Officer at 509-826-1760 ext 2340. Personal Delivery shall be addressed to “Public Records” and signed in at the main registration desk at Mid-Valley Hospital, 810 Jasmine Street, Omak, WA.

The Public Records Officer for Mid-Valley Hospital is Megan Barton. If you have questions about the process please contact the executive assistant by phone 509-826-7663 or email: