Mid-Valley Hospital has been providing care for patients in and around Omak since 1966.

Our ongoing commitment to upgrading facilities and technology to best serve our patients has most recently included the hospital’s new Emergency Department, expanded Lab and Respiratory Therapy departments, and a new state-of-the-art MRI.

Each day we have an average of 7 patients staying in our hospital.

More than 250 staff members dedicate their professional lives to supporting Mid-Valley’s family of services. Their smiling faces greet you at the front door, they ensure our facilities are well maintained and clean, and of course they care for patients and their families among many roles they play.

In 2017, Mid-Valley Hospital cared for:

  • 1,046 admitted patients (including newborns)
  • 8,923 emergency room patients
  • 229 deliveries
  • 1,598 surgery patients

The front of the hospital in 1981 (left) versus 2012.